Smart Spaces: The Power of Technology as an Amenity When Choosing Office Space

December 15, 2023

When thinking of what amenities employees need to return to the office and thrive, the first that come to most are ones of convenience: food and beverage options, outdoor spaces, on-site parking, and wellness amenities. Tenants of 1313 and 1201 North Market in downtown Wilmington, Delaware already enjoy these amenities, and more! But what about the technological needs of a hybrid world? With the growing need for a connected workspace, the ability to secure your data and stay connected should be on the top of everyone’s amenity list. At Johnson Commercial Real Estate, we’ve made this a priority.

We’re WiredScored Platinum Certified

WiredScore certification assesses and provides a rating for office buildings based on their in-building digital connectivity and infrastructure. Both 1313 and 1201 North Market have achieved the elite Platinum rating. Working in a WiredScore certified property ensures that measures have been taken to reduce the risk of connectivity loss and interruption. Simply put, WiredScore certification validates that our buildings can support the connectivity needs of tenants with confidence. WiredScore Platinum confirms our buildings provide tenants with access to fiber connectivity as well as choice of internet service providers to support diverse connections. The infrastructure measures in place will ensure that the connectivity is protected and secure. The building can deliver the connectivity needed for all tenants.

This certification benefits tenants in numerous ways:

  • Complimentary internet procurement service: Take advantage of our complimentary internet procurement service, known as WiredScore Connect, which allows tenants to review and select internet service packages for their office. Email to get started!
  • Protection from internet outages: A building’s physical infrastructure impacts how reliable your connection can be. In fact, 70% of all internet outages are caused by an issue within a building’s infrastructure. WiredScore’s engineers have evaluated our buildings from top to bottom to ensure there is minimal risk of physical disruption to the digital infrastructure that underpins tenants’ connectivity.
  • Preparation for future technology: WiredScore certification ensures our buildings can keep pace with digital innovation. Thanks to the WiredScore certification process, building infrastructure is examined to document how easily improvements could be made as the business of our tenant’s change.

To learn more, you can view our WiredScore Fact Sheets here.

We’re Home To DāSTOR and DāSERV

DāSTOR provides enterprise-focused, hybrid colocation solutions that leverage robust infrastructure and interconnectivity to drive scalable and reliable digital services. Founded in 2021 by 30-year industry veteran Kevin Mulqueen, DāSTOR offers a full suite of services, including network services, colocation, storage, private cloud, disaster recovery, and backup services. DāSERV, a division of DāSTOR provides exceptional services, technical expertise, and innovative solutions to clients, enabling them to maximize the productivity and profitability of their assets.

Recently, DāSTOR completed enhancements and strategic developments to its portfolio of services across its four data centers located in Pennsylvania and Delaware. In the two and a half years since the company’s launch, DāSTOR has expanded capacity and service capabilities in colocation, private cloud, backup, and data storage to deliver secure, optimized, enterprise-class data management solutions across a variety of vertical markets, including healthcare, legal, manufacturing, fintech, and government.

What are the advantages to having this service on-site for our tenants?

The answer is simple. Gone are the days of server closets and complicated data management.  DāSTOR’s leadership team recognizes the migration path that companies experience when optimizing workloads; from on-prem to colocation, to public cloud, and now repatriating some or all of those workloads back to dedicated colocation or private cloud solutions due to cost and security concerns. DāSTOR guides IT infrastructure management decision-makers through each stage of their digital evolution with knowledge, experience, and custom tools to simplify the process and ensure better outcomes. Questions about a tenants’ data management, disaster recovery plans, cloud security and more can be answered same day, on-site, and in person.

DāSERV manages the wireless and antenna infrastructure that lives on the roof of 1201 North Market, the tallest building in Wilmington, Delaware.  Telecommunication Companies, Broadcast Companies, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), Emergency Services, Satellite Communication Providers, Security and Surveillance companies, Government Agencies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Research and Development Entities, are all ideal prospective tenants for the rooftops.  For further information, contact Kevin O’Keefe, Director of Infrastructure Services, kokeefe@Dā or (215) 651-6193.    

Tenants of 1201 and 1313 North Market know that their hybrid workspace technology is safe, secure, and reliable. Want to join our impressive roster of tenants? We’d be happy to give you a tour of our Class A facilities. Contact us today!